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August 13. 2014


Everybody who fought to expose the true identity of the usurper in the White House should now be grateful that so many tried so hard for so long to  keep that secret. Why? Simple, because had they not, the research that spun from this might never have uncovered the bigger fraud and, in turn, the bigger plot to complete this Confederations  destruction. Armed with the bigger picture and a much more potent weapon, we'll be adequately armed with  the truth that provides the motivation and inspiration to wage war with this foreign and alien corporation masquerading around as our government. Yes they are foreign to a Constitutional Republic but, most assuredly, domestic in proximity.

Even though these dedicated destructionist are fewer in number than the Patriot community, they have seeming control over weapons resources that make their ouster somewhat problematic.

Then again, America is marvelously resourceful. Now that the hard part is mostly complete (getting a firm grip on the how, why, when and where plus by whom) the next part will be yes, more physical but much easir to maintain. Let's face it, we've been tilting at windmils all this time.

Consider it training boys and now its time to put the truth and your training to the test we must and will prevail in.

The information below is verifiably correct and as such is an open indictment on the greatest fraud this world has ever known. The untold millions of lives terminated and enslaved is of such a scope that once you see it, you'll never be the same again. At least until the living perpetrators are all brought to OUR justice. 

Continue on, you'll soon see what I mean.

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August 13, 2014


All the evidence uncovered thusfar is overwhelmingly proving that the original 13th Amendmnent DID get ratified (documents below this video on the Right side) DF and as such, is LAW! Conversely the 14th and 15th were never ratified by anything other than military plants, coersion, and deception. Beyond that, the Supremecy clause (Art. VI) makes the 14th in particular, NULL and VOID. It was Esquires who did this and it remains Esquires that are in an open state of rebellion by their steadfast denial and refusal to accept the fact that they are BUSTED!


If, and this is a big if, you sincerely want your Country back, the documents on this page will get it back. It takes your understanding what all this means then taking it to every meeting and make every opportuniy you can to get and put this in the faces of your elected. If you do that, then they are on the hook for misprision of felony because folks.., FRAUD upon the people IS a felony and a High Crime. Figuratively speaking, if you have balls and desire we can reset the timeline and achieve the restoration we once could only dream about. This chance won't come around again so the choice is now yours. Secure the Constitutional Republic on the one hand and continue the spiral into  a tyrannical dictatorship where chains  and culling the herd are in your immediate future. Choose well and don't lolygag, times a waisting! 

August 13, 2014


The video above is the work of another Patriot I call friend, Gus Breton. Shot on location at the Hartford, New Hampshire Library. In addition, a more complete listing, recently uncovered will have its own page on this site within a few days. For now I'll post the pdf file containing the above noted listing. I would say enjoy but this truth exposed is not any form of entertainment. Everything here is extremely sobering. The only smile you'll get from this is the one you have when the light finally switches on in your brain. 

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These three PDF files contain proof of the 13th Amendment having been ratified. This means that on this page alone you have everything except the actual documents cited. Those too you can have or get If you're willing to spread the word. We're here to help insure this massive fraud is reversed As Soon and Humanely, As Possible.

From the pen of an former emisary to the Pope, you'll get "the rest of the story" you never could have imagined. tie what Anna Von Reitz will show you with what Bruce Ray Riggs has chronicled and the once unblievable comes to life in front of your eyes. You'll never fully awaken from this Matrix style slumber until and unless you can understand how this all ties together. So, here's introducing my favorite web site.stay on the page you land on until it makes sense, then explore the wealth of other facts and opinions from the rest of its pages. The creator of it is Arnie Rosner and I count him as one of my dearest friends.....

These videos and a lot more can be viewed and studied on the web site


Bruce Ray Riggs first brought his message to my attention 5 years ago and it has taken every bit of that for me to finally and completely understand his message. I'll plead being mentally challenged for taking so long. Along the way of my journey I wound up verifying and validating every point your about to learn and I wouldn't trade a single day of that experience, not one. Now to use this knowledge and educate others while figuring out a way to shut down these criminal courts. These Rico rocking perverts who've figured out how to morph from wimpy little schoolyard nerds to powerful, legalese speaking nerds, hell bent on destroying everything in their wake. I see the natural order of life returning with a vengance. When you realize that every war and all the lives lost in them, starting with the war of 1812 has been directly attributable to these soulless monsters you'll begin to understand the scope of the problem you're about read.